Turfgrass Blends & Mixes

Most grass seed is utilized in combinations with other varieties and many times other species. In addition to our own formulas, we are able to customize blends to suit your specs.  These blends can be packaged in your existing packaging, our eye-catching Diamond Brand, or in custom packages we can help you design and obtain. 

For dealer and purchase information contact us using our online form. To obtain additional general information visit our resource library.

TLC Blend

Our three-way tall fescue blend featuring Titan genetics.

TLC Plus Mix

TLC with Titan genetics plus Kentucky bluegrass.

Dryspell Blend Logo

DrySpell® Blend

Three tall fescues formulated for optimal performance.


DrySpell® Plus

DrySpell® tall fescues plus premium perennial ryegrass.

diamond brand logo

Diamond Brand

Custom blends in our eye-catching packaging.