Turf Tall Fescue

Today's tall fescues continue to grow in popularity due to their deep roots and great resistance to traffic and environmental stresses. Our turf-type tall fescues are recognized as being some of the very best available. Common varieties are also available upon request. 

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Covenant II

Covenant II provides consistent, attractive turf.

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Dark, dense, slower-growing turf for both homeowners and lawn professionals.



Hudson has superior turf quality, even in heat and humidity.



Rendition is a slow growing, variety that is dark green, dense and fine bladed.


Rendition Rx

Rendition Rx has everything that Rendition has, plus self-repairing rhizomes.

Titan Rx

Titan Rx has impressive heat and shade tolerance with better self-repairability.

Titan Ultra

Titan Ultra has better performance in colder climates with darker green color and finer texture.

TLC Blend

Our three-way tall fescue blend featuring Titan genetics.