Rendition Rx

Turf-Type Tall Fescue

Rendition Rx has everything that Rendition has, plus self-repairing rhizomes.

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Brown Patch Resistance

Rendition Rx was bred for increased resistance to brown patch. While all tall fescues are susceptible to brown patch at some level, Rendition Rx provides some of the best protection available.

NTEP Trials

Brown Patch Resistance

2008, 4 Locations

Selected VarietiesFayetteville, ARRaleigh, NCAdelphia, NJW. Lafayette, INMean
Highest Score9.
Rendition Rx9.
Shenandoah III8.
Falcon V7.
Rebel IV6.
Cochise IV6.
Lowest Score2.
Lsd Value2.

Well Established

Rendition Rx lawns establish quickly, providing thick, lush, dense turf rapidly. This helps reduce weed infestations and provides early ground coverage. Once established a Rendition Rx lawn has excellent sod strength, dark green color, disease resistance and shade tolerance, allowing Rendition Rx to be used in a wide range of applications and soil conditions.

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Fill in the Blanks

Over time every lawn experiences some sort of damage, leaving bare spots. Maybe it is from a pet, a piece of lawn furniture, or caused by adverse weather. It happens to every lawn. While most tall fescue varieties have only a limited ability to fill in these blank spots, Rendition Rx has been specifically selected to produce rhizomes quickly, enabling it to provide increased density and fill in bare spots with new plants. We call this technology "Rapid Expressing Rhizomes," and it is available in every Rendition Rx seed and plant. With every new plant Rendition Rx creates, your lawn has more of its attractive and strong characteristics.

Nationwide Performance

Rendition Rx was in the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP) trials at over 30 locations throughout the United States. The following chart indicates categories where Rendition Rx is scoring statistically equal to the highest rated entry. 


Performance Data

Quality - SoutheastXX  
Quality - Upper West/MountainX   
Quality - Shade, Carbondale, IL XXX
Ground Cover - Drought, SDX   
Ground Cover - Oct-Dec, GA   X
Sod Strength - VA Beach, VAXX  
Quality - Saline Irrigation, NM XXX
Spring DensityXXX 
Summer Ground CoverXXX 
Fall Ground Cover XX 
Drought Tolerance - WiltingXX X
Drought Tolerance - DormancyX   
Drought - Brookings, SDX X 
Brown Patch (Traffic, NJ)  X 
Brown Patch (Cool Temp.) X  
Brown Patch (Warm Temp.) X  
Brown Patch - TNX X 
Red Thread Resistance   X
Pink Snow Mold X X
Fall Color (Sept)   X
Fall Color (December)X   
Growth Rate   X
Percent Establishment (TX)X   
Winter Survivability  X 
Complete results available at www.ntep.org.
Where Rendition Rx was equal statistically to the highest scoring entry

Planting Information

Seeding Rate – new lawns7–10 lbs./1000 sq ft
Seeding Rate – overseeding4–6 lbs./1000 sq ft
Planting Datesspring and early fall
Planting Zones (map)green
Planting Depth1/4"
Optimal pH Range5.8–6.5
Germination7–14 days
Mowing Height3–4"
map of turf and forage tall fescue planting area