Nexus GT

Turf-Type Perennial Ryegrass

It's a nice variety! Nexus GT has great color, traffic tolerance and more. For GREAT TURF, choose Nexus GT!

Great Color

Great turf starts with great color, and Nexus GT is one of the darkest varieties available, making it ideal for straight or mixed seeding of permanent lawns, as well as overseeding both cool season and warm season turf areas.

Nexus GT

Great Traffic Tolerance

Traffic can be tough on turf, but with Nexus GT, your turf has a better chance of quick recovery from all sorts of traffic, whether it is from professional athletes tearing it up and crushing it under foot and body, or simply from the children and pets horsing around in the backyard.

Great Seedling Vigor

Trial results from five different locations indicate Nexus GT takes off rapidly. This means landscapers, professionals, and homeowners can expect quick results from new seedings as well as overseeding existing turf areas.

Great Disease Resistance

According to the latest national turfgrass testing (NTEP) data, Nexus GT has shown top scores for resistance to red thread and pink snow mold. It has also shown improved resistance to crown rust and gray leaf spot.

Great Turf Quality

Nexus GT has rated well throughout the nation, with exceptional turf quality in a wide range of locations, including Utah, North Dakota, Missouri, Massachusetts, and Virginia. Some of these locations represent drought stress, harsh winter conditions, and extra traffic pressure.

National Performance Trials


Performance Data


Categories Statistically Equal To The Highest Rated Variety*20172018Location Where Statistically Equal To The Highest Quality Rating*  
Quality Group 2xxFresno, CAxx
% Bare Cover, Traffic, Blacksburg, VAx Ames, IAxx
Drought Logan, UTx Urbana, ILxx
Salt Tolerance Fort Collins, COx East Lansing, MIx 
Genetic Colorx Columbia, MOxx
Seedling Vigorx Logan, UTxx
Seedling Vigor, Manhattan, KSx Blacksburg, VAxx
% Ground Cover Springx Madison, WIxx
% Ground Cover Fallx    
Red Thread x   
Pink Snow Mold, UTxx   
Fall Color Retention, ILxx   
% Establishmentx    
% Establishment Logan, UTx    
Quality Dec, Fresno, CAx    

Planting Information

For ideal turf, plant Nexus GT on fertile, neutral pH soils during the cooler seasons of the year, such as spring and fall. If needing to plant during other times, plan on additional overseeding.

 Seeding Rate – New Plantings (green) (lbs/1000 sq. ft.)Seeding Rate – Overseeding (blue) (lbs/1000 sq. ft.)
Home Lawns5–87-10
Athletic Fields9–1512–18
*rates in lbs/acre
map of perennial turfgrass planting area