Grass close up

Other Lawn Grasses

We offer many other types of lawn seed, including bluegrass and fine fescues.


The bluegrass family has a very wide range of varieties. Some are designed to be cut very low and are best used in high management situations, like golf courses. Other varieties have been bred to be very tolerant of heat and actually thrive in the hot summer months. Still others are best adapted to situations where there will be limited maintenance, reduced fertility, and no irrigation. At Smith Seed Services, we provide all of these types of Kentucky bluegrass, plus common (known as 98/85 or 85/80, Canadian bluegrass, and poa supine).

Fine Fescues

While creeping red fescue is the most common fine fescue we sell, there are numerous other types of fine fescues we offer including:

  • chewings fescue,
  • sheeps fescue,
  • hard fescue, and
  • blue fescue.

We have both common varieties and application-specific proprietary varieties available.

Specialty Grasses

We may be your best source for specialty grasses such as:

  • bentgrass,
  • bermudagrass, 
  • redtop,
  • alkaigrass, and
  • other hard-to-find grasses.