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Forage Brassica

Winfred is a cross between a turnip and kale. It is very versatile, early maturing and has the ability to be grazed through early winter.

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Aggressive Root System

Winfred has an extensive root system, which makes it a perfect cover crop in soil improvement systems.

Winfred at 90 days


Winfred does not lose its leaf or stem quality in cold conditions. It is also frost tolerant. If established, Winfred is also tolerant of dry conditions. It can handle a wide variety of soil fertility and environmental conditions.

Winfred in N. California

Extended Grazing

Winfred matures at 10 to 12 weeks. Winfred's early maturity makes it possible for grazing to begin in early summer. It can continue to be grazed up to three times over the summer and through early winter, in some cases.

Winfred Close-Up
Field of Winfred

Planting Information

Seeding Rate3–5 lbs./ac
Planting Datesearly spring through summer
Planting Zones
Planting Depth1/8"-1/4"