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Forage Brassica

Hunter is a cross between turnips and related Asiatic leaf vegetables. It is quick-growing, leafy and has little bulb development. 

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Fast Establishment

Hunter can be grazed within 6-8 weeks (45-55 days) of planting.

Disease Tolerance

Hunter's genetics include a tolerance to turnip mosaic virus, cauliflower mosaic virus and most clubroot strains.

Forage Quality

Hunter has excellent forage quality which will give high liveweight gains, perfect for finishing stock to target weight in summer/fall.

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Vigorous Regrowth

In the right conditions, Hunter can recover quickly from grazing. It's vigorous regrowth means it can yield two, three and sometimes four regrowth cycles!

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Planting Information

Seeding Rate3–5 lbs./ac
Planting Datesearly spring through summer
Planting Zones
Planting Depth1/8"-1/4"