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Winter Pea

Windham winter pea offers improved winter hardiness. It is white flowering and tannin-free.

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Windham is recognized as having improved winter hardiness over Austrian-type winter peas. Windham has a dwarf growth habit and an upright canopy. Windham is a white flowering tannin-free pea, making it sweeter than Austrian-type peas. Wildlife and foraging animals prefer these sweeter peas over purple flowering varieties. Windham was developed in the Northwest as a joint venture between the USDA_ARS and three universities in Idaho, Washington, and Montana.

Windham winter pea in a field

Winter Hardiness

In 2010-11, Windham was evaluated in Central Ohio alongside Austrian winter peas. According to Richard Leslie, who observed the plots on May 12th, 2011, “Windham Winter Peas interseeded in rows with Daikon Radish, survived the winter (as they did in another trial I observed) while Austrian Winter Peas did not. Windham Winter Peas had spring rhizobium nodules on the roots of the spring plants I dug.”

field of winter peas
Close up of field peas

Visual Pea Seed Differences

Windhams are larger than Austrians and Lynx. Windhams and Austrians have yellow cotyledon (insides), while Lynx has a green cotyledon.

Austrian Peas: Stacked
Lynx Peas: Stacked
Windham Winter Field Pea

Planting Information

Seeding Rate35–50 lbs./ac
Planting Datesearly fall
Planting Zones (map)green
Planting Depth1–3"
Optimal pH Range6.0–7.5
map of winter pea planting area