Our Company

Who We Are

Smith Seed Services began processing grass seed back in the mid-50's and has gone on to become an industry leader with a solid reputation for superior quality and service. 

George Smith

What We Do

Our long-term relationship with a wide variety of growers and other seed providers, as well as onsite cleaning lines, custom packaging and multiple shipping and warehousing options ensures the seed will be there, where and when you need it!

Smith Seed facility

How We Do It

Our record of successful growth, low employee turnover, financial stability, and a history of high quality seed delivered on time is a testimonial to the success of those standards.

Smith Seed Shipping dock

How We Got Here

George Smith started a seed warehouse in the years after World War II. In 1956, he decided to diversify by converting an empty dairy barn into a seed cleaning plant. Soon he was cleaning not only his own seed, but the seeds of neighbors. As demand grew, fueled by word-of-mouth all over the Willamette Valley, Mr. Smith was pushed to expand with bigger bins, more cleaners and more office space.

Along the way, Mr. Smith changed from the business model of farmers automatically selling their seed to whoever cleaned it, despite the fact that many commercial cleaners had nonconsistent pricing policies. To accommodate his clients, Mr. Smith became a buyer for Northrup King & Co. and eventually to other dealers as well to ensure a permanent, steady and fair market.

Of course the cleaned seed was put into bags. Once Mr. Smith had a supplier for his own needs, he also sold bags to other farmers. Bagged seed needed to be transported, and once Mr. Smith started loading cars, he needed trucks. And truck drivers. And men to load the trucks. As the business continued to grow, he bought more trucks: trucks for loading railroad cars, trucks for hauling containers, trucks for hauling seeds.

The last major venture by Mr. Smith was the building of a custom storage facility. When he sold Smith Seed Services to Jason Schrock and Paul Zehr in 1976, it was with the expectation that these two men would continue to grow the business with integrity, excellence and innovation.

Under the leadership of Schrock and Zehr, new employees were hired, additional buildings were built, relationships were formed with farmers and companies around the world and new technologies adopted and honed.

Smith Seed Services is a company rooted in quality, hard work and innovation. Knowing where we come from has guided our growth from George Smith’s dairy barn in post- World War II to a company whose grasp extends across the globe in the 21st century.

Over the past 50 years, hundreds of companies throughout the world have come to trust in the quality, service, and dependability of Smith Seed Services.