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Chapter 3: Seeding

What seed should I buy? How much do I need? Watch these videos to find out how the importance of selecting the correct type of seed, the correct quality of seed, how to spread seed and fertilizer, and how to cover the seed.

Buy Good Seed

Buying good seed starts with reading the tag.
Running Time: 2:36

Using a Spreader

A few tips on setting the spreader and figuring out square feet.
Running Time: 1:54

Spreading the Seed

It's time to spread the seed! First spread it one way over the whole lawn, then change directions and spread the other way. This ensures full coverage. Lastly, spread a little extra seed on the edges by hand.
Running Time: 1:48

Review Seeding Job

After spreading out your seed, walk the area. It is better to touch-up areas now than have unnecessary bare spots later
Running Time: 0:43

Scratching the Surface

Lightly rake it in. A quick, gentle raking will help obtain that very important seed-to-soil contact.
Running Time: 0:31

Adding Starter Fertilizer

When the new seedlings emerge, they are going to be hungry! Starter fertilizer will help them grow quickly. Remember, for first seedings ONLY use fertilizer that does NOT contain weed killer.
Running Time: 1:07

Covering Up the Seed

The last step is to add a mulch product to help cover and hold the seeds in place until they begin to sprout.
Running Time: 1:29
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