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Chapter 2: Preparation

Where do I start? This chapter covers important first-step topics including: killing your lawn, bringing in new dirt, useful tools, trees, and the need to create the right environment for seeds to grow.

Killing the Existing Lawn

How to kill a lawn using a non-selective herbicide. Be careful not to overspray, or you might kill your neighbor's lawn.
Running Time: 1:00

Bringing in Dirt

This is the perfect time to level out the low areas in your lawn.
Running Time: 1:05

Landscape Rake

A landscape rake is a great tool to help move dirt around and level large areas.
Running Time: 2:10


Seeds are little baby plants. It's important to create the right environment so they will grow strong.
Running Time: 1:51

Competing with Trees

Using tall fescue gives your lawn a fighting chance against trees in the battle for water and nutrients.
Running Time: 1:07
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