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Chapter 4: New Lawn

How do I make sure it lives? Now that the seeds have been planted, learn how to water, watch the seeds become seedlings, and learn what steps to take when weeds begin growing in your new lawn. Finally, enjoy your new lawn!

One Day After Planting

Watering is the most important thing we can do now.
Running Time: 1:10

Day 7: They're poppin'!

We have baby grass plants!
Running Time: 1:32

Millions of New Plants - WOW!

Have you ever seen a baby grass seed plant? On day 9, we take a quick close-up look at our new lawn.
Running Time: 1:40

A Fuzzy Green Surface

We dig up a handful of new plants and look at how fast their roots are growing. All looks good!
Running Time: 1:25

4” Tall and Growing Roots!

Time to evaluate how the grass is coming in. We do a little touch up seeding, look at a root, and talk about some weeds that we find.
Running Time: 2:26

Three Weeks After Seeding

After 21 days, we have lots of tall grass. We look at the "three-leaf stage" and discuss the lessons learned from bringing in new dirt.
Running Time: 3:12

More on Weeds in New Plantings

Don't be discouraged if you see weeds and bare spots when you initially seed a new lawn, especially when planting in the spring!
Running Time: 3:26


We did it! See our new lawn and get a vision for what your lawn could look like.
Running Time: 1:04
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